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Turkish Game Localization

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Turkish Game Localization

Since 2006

We have been working with industry-leading gaming companies since 2006 and we are very assertive about game localization. We remove any limits with our game translation experience of 3 million words a year. Our services in the gaming area are not limited to translation and review only; we also provide game testing, quality control, bug reporting and bug fixing services. You are at the right place for your Turkish game localization needs.

We analyse the nature and word count of the project. 
We contact the team members according to their Schedule, availability and specialization. We generally prefer to work with one translator and one reviewer but if the time is limited, we collaborate with a high number of linguists.
We create a glossary. This is one of the most important steps so we do brainstorming with multiple linguists to finalize the Turkish glossary terms. We facilitate all resources and references during this process.
Then the translation process is in progress. For the long projects, we arrange mid-deliveries so that the reviewers can start reviewing asap.
The reviewers often give feedback to the translation team for consistent and smooth work.

Work Steps

A second reviewer makes some spot checks after the first review to make sure the quality matches our standards.
 When the team members complete their work on the files, each member runs a QA and delivers the work to the next member.
After all the translation and the review are completed, we handle in-house checks to be sure that the final quality is high. This includes XBench QA including term consistency check, variable checks, punctuation checks, number matches etc…
Then the project is ready to be delivered.
If requested, we perform game testing. Our testing team reports the bugs and our reviewer team fixes the bugs in the documents.

Tools We Own And Use

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